This website started in 2001, but since 2008 I've been publishing in this area one or more photos (almost) every day.

January 2013
Wisdom and knowledge Ana Ana Megan Tokyo/NY Regarde le ciel Anton | First photo with my Hasselblad 5 Abbey Road Berlin Ki Easter Island Eugenia A. Ana 'The Passenger' Victoria G. Brenda H. Brenda H. Bianca & Agostina Ana NYC Redscale Valentina Daniela G. Ana Strangers #60 Boat, Yayoi Kusama @ Tate Modern NYC Redscale NYC Redscale Thames

February 2013
Orion Ofelia Ana La Défense, Paris Megan 8th street subway station Central Park Strangers #61 Fashion photographer 'Pasajera en trance' 1st Ave & E 61st St Hero/Villain Daisy Oxo Tower + The Shard Strangers #62 Mirte Maas Lines Elena Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Snow in Milan Duomo Lichtenstein @ Tate Modern Marco de Vincenzo Fall Winter 2013 Fashion Show Gus & Richard Backstage Mingaile Old, but beautiful

March 2013
Water tanks Bondage Carrie Portobello Road 63rd Street Mariana Carrie Daisy Iryna Milan Milagros Schmoll Taxi Ofelia Conz Victoria Hertel Milan Kayla Kuyler Opéra Gus Iryna Moscow Fernanda Anmari Botha Ana Stephanie Hall Arc de Triomphe Charly Strangers #63 Carrie Ayelén A. Iryna

April 2013
Richard Coleman Daisy Lincoln Square Emilia Mia Marcela Iryna Milan The View from The Shard Keane Berlin NYC Redscale United House Natasha Conz Valentina V Secret Av. del Libertador Leandro Fresco Megan Anton Sophia P. R. Ana Iryna Joi Chiva Carrie Ana

May 2013
Avenue of the Americas Textures Gatsby Charles Ray - Family Romance @ New Museum Queensboro Bridge Keflavík International Airport Kungsgatan & Drottninggatan Faces Strangers #64 Saab Copenhagen Selfportrait in Copenhagen Kronborg Castle Chapel Leo & Gus 'Iluminado' Ayelén A. Joi Akademie der Künste Corel Prague 'Babies' by David Černý Hybernská & Na Příkopě Muzeum metro station Stockholm 53 Muse @ Emirates Stadium, London Victoria and Albert Museum Depeche Mode David Bowie is watching you Room view Long exposure

June 2013
Matt Bellamy | Muse @ Emirates Stadium, London Strangers #65 Stana Houses of Parliament | Long Exposure Pocahontas Jones Broadway & Broome St. Siegessäule Veronika Veronika Scripts Bates Motel Prague Astronomical Clock Skyline Ofelia Panoramic View Sophia P. R. Stana Pocahontas Jones Taschen Helsingør Try your luck 10 years of adoption Lucerna Veronika Valentina Strangers #66 Emilia Gahan Veronika

July 2013
Ellen von Unwerth, certified copies Daisy Cruz Carrie Yulia Strangers #67 The eye Kusama @ Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark Strangers #68 Erin Marcela Eugenia B. Strangers #69 Richard Pocahontas Jones Conz Ana Manchester Gamla Stan Depeche Mode Bad Daytime long exposure Strangers #70 Edison & Richard Elena Andrea Sheffield Zeta & Adrián Carrie Megan

August 2013
Leandro Fresco & band Strangers #71 Thames river String Quartet in Prague at National Museum Easter Island Ushuaia Soda Stereo | Rehearsal Strangers #72 Coleman @ La Usina del Arte Helsingør 54 Chelsea Madison Ave Sunset Fog Prague Veronika Stonehenge Central Park Central Park West Strangers #73 Eugenia B. Helmut Newton Museum Bianca & Agostina One Strangers #74 Joi New York Ana Ai Weiwei @ Jeu de Paume Push the sky away

September 2013
Easter Island The Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara The Raphael Cartoons Iryna Ayelén A. Central Park South Natacha Megan Ana Natasha No more Intensive Care Unit Cara Delevingne Prague metro Richard @ La Trastienda Lara Mullen Manchester Stana Bondage Canal St & Church St Eugenia B. Constanza Rehren Patagonia Kalli Keith

October 2013
Ayelén A. Monica & Rachel's apartment Greeley Square & West 32nd st Estefanía G. Conz Stana Minimal Anton Strangers #75 Pocahontas Jones Richard @ The Roxy Live Victoria G. Sophia P. R. Daniela B. & Daniela G. Strangers #76 The XX Roots Mingaile Mingaile Train to Prague Prague Eugenia B. Strangers #77 Bianca & Agostina Iryna Anton x 4 Park Ave NYC Copenhagen Daisy Halloween

November 2013
Buenos Aires Richard @ Quilmes Rock Blur @ Buenos Aires Melisa David Bowie @ Hollywood Walk of fame Oldie 'Lions Love (... and lies)' by Agnès Varda @ LACMA Apollo's capsule door Downtown L.A. Peace Road to Las Vegas Vegas Luxor Apple (original garage) San Francisco Foreign cars San Francisco Strangers #78 Dahlia 5th st & Mission st Jessica C. Full moon Amanda Femmes in mirror are closer than they appear #5 Gus, Richard & Lean Lenin in Los Angeles Dahlia Amanda Victoria Hertel

December 2013
Bianca & Agostina Charly Jessica C. Strangers #79 Eugenia B. Dahlia Manhattan Skyline Transamerica Pyramid building Ofelia Natasha Veronika Jessica C. Megan Pocahontas Jones NYC Hollywood Boulevard San Francisco Prague Strangers #80 Soda Stereo. Last concert. 6 years ago. Kalli Keith Dahlia Erika Vogt: Stranger debris roll roll roll 7th Ave & W 54th St Queensway Ushuaia Goodbye my friend
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This website started in 2001, but since 2008 I've been publishing in this area one or more photos (almost) every day.

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