This website started by mid 2001, but since January 1st 2008 I've been publishing in this area one or more photos from my archive every day (mostly). Pictures published until now: 3731

January 2018
Eugenia B. Unia Pakhomova Milena Feuerer Susanne Knipper Grace Elizabeth Milena Litvinovskaia Do Less CBS Satine Satine Peter Lindbergh exhibition at Fahey/Klein gallery Griffith Observatory Strangers #197 Griffith Observatory Strangers #198 Natasha Nadia Nadia Nadia Nadia Valentina Veronika Nadia Danila Danila Nadia Jessica M. Macarena Macarena Macarena Alison

February 2018
Alison Alison Alison Selfportrait 201802 Macarena Trams Strangers #199 Strangers #200 Strangers #201 Julieta Miniportrait #14 Julieta Strangers #202 Julieta Julieta Julieta Julieta Julieta Macarena Alison Alison Ariana Hernán Cattaneo & Richard Coleman Danila Danila Danila Katherine LA

March 2018
Nastya Abramova Buenos Aires Virginia David Bowie is... Strangers #203 Anna Ewers Melina Gesto Strangers #204 Odette Pavlova Leah Rödl Georgia Fowler Ina Maribo Jensen Selfportrait with Valentina Aviv Schneider Eugenia B. Eugenia B. Bar Luce @ Fondazione Prada Milan Victoria Hertel Miniportrait #15 Miniportrait #16 Paula V. Paula V. Paula V. Paula V. Nadia Nadia Nadia Nadia

April 2018
Natacha Natacha Natacha Natacha Natacha Natacha Natacha Natacha Natacha Natacha Natacha Natacha Natacha Natacha Natacha Ana Ana Ana Ana Ana Ana Ana Ana Ana Ana Ana Ana Ana Ana Ana Ana Ana 45 Abril

May 2018
Agostina & Bianca Satine Times Square Strangers #205 Strangers #206 Ana Strangers #207 Film set Manhattan Strangers #208 Valentina Abril Conz Asia Strangers #209 Strangers #210 Strangers #211 Consuelo Olga Natasha Megan Blurred Natasha Ayelén, Bianca & Conz Abril Dahlia Yulia Jessica C. Satine Valentina Asia D.C. Seine NYC Sergio Rotman Tabatha Estefanía Z. Solar #1 Solar #2 Bianca Ana Natasha Accidental Orion over Pyramid Central Park Jessica C. Justine Park Ave & East 40th St Solar #3 Solar #4 Solar #5 Solar #6 Alison Chrysler Ana The Impossible Project Store Paris West Hollywood Westminster Bridge

June 2018
Alison Valentina A. Julieta Katherine Paula V. Miniportrait #17 Paula V. Julieta Daniela G. Danila Nora Lezano Victoria Aye Valentina Satine Double Exposure Melina Lunar #1 Lunar #2 Alison Alison Alison Paula V. Paula V. Alison Lunar #3 Lunar #4 Andy Summers Alison Alison Abril Asia

July 2018
Dahlia Veronika Rusakova Waleska Gorczevski Sara Sampaio Karlie Kloss Strangers #212 Blank new screen @ Piccadilly Strangers #213 Bianca Alison Luna Alison Midtown Central Park West Columbus Circle Station Richard Paths Strangers #214 Desert E 78 St & Madison Av Macarena Miniportrait #18 Luna Strangers #215 Lunar #5 Lunar #6 Camila Daniela G. Daniela G. Daniela G. Strangers #216 Amsterdam Pisa Twin Towers NYC

August 2018
Bruges Brooklyn Strangers #217 Florence Bath Joelle Cab in Liverpool Valentina Valentina Karina #59 Villa Victoria Ocampo Richard Strangers #218 Macarena Strangers #219 Strangers #220 View from Arc de Triomphe Strangers #221 Long Exposure Tender

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