This website started in 2001, but since 2008 I've been publishing in this area one or more photos (almost) every day.

January 2011
Ofelia Valentina Conz & Samantha Natalia Mariana Moscow Jennifer W. Brenda H. Cruz Naturschutzgebiet Abstract Berlin B&W Rainbow Ofelia Sofi Valentina Berlin Way out Charly Maitena Maitena Dique Ameghino Byron Green waves Alejandra & Belén V. Estefanía Z. Joi 'Setting sun' Conz Conz Maitena Giselle S.

February 2011
Shadows Soundcheck Empty offices Jennifer W. Ofelia Manchester Joi Gus Joi Joi Eugenia A. Cartographic art Joi Conz Strangers in Moscow Bankside Joi Paula Laura Daniela B. Valentina Muscovite Metro Gus & Z

March 2011
Bianca Daniela G. Selfportrait 2011 Manchester Laura & Paz Valentina Cruz Cecilia D. & Samantha Guess what? Joi Berlin | Bob Dylan Daniela G. Daniela G. Moleskine Paradise Conz Victoria Hertel Daniela G. Smart parking Full moon Victoria Hertel Atlántida Duran Duran Frozen rivers Conz Charly Maitena Paris + snow Manchester Ushuaia

April 2011
Polaroid Piccadilly Lomo Action Sampler | London Ultraviolet Bono Victoria Hertel Louvre Jennifer B. Marcela Stefanía Parking Soho books Alejandra & Samantha Laura & Paz Violeta Selfportrait 2010 | Moscow Fernanda Berlin Victoria Hertel Yulia Ushuaia Holy trinity Antenna Perito Moreno Estefanía Z. Mariana No entry C/O Berlin Anton 'Protection'

May 2011
Ushuaia Strangers #20 Daniela G. Strangers #21 Trafalgar Square Joi 'Do not use except in an emergency' Sunday nights Oxford Circus Eugenia A. Daniela B. & Daniela G. Sophia Hooper Cartographic art II Gus Left Rehearsal Tesco Regent Street Ragnarök Lean Fresco Marcela Glaciar ice Ushuaia Eugenia A. Daniela B. Strangers #22

June 2011
Jessica M. Cecilia S. Passengers Annabella S. Conz Bern Brenda H. Charlotte Kemp-Muhl Conz Conz Cloud 9 Heart Shaped Hotel Daniela G. Sofi Daniela B. Richard Coleman & Gonzalo Córdoba Zürich Bianca Joi Valentina Marcela Lu Downtown L.A. Estefanía Z. Tricky Gus Sunset Home by the sea Madryn

July 2011
#3 Comodoro Rivadavia Dawn Roads ends getting nearer Pradere Bahía Blanca Richard Coleman Conz Midnight in Paris Daniela G. Pool of London Mariana Sabrina Mistake Cecilia S. Maricela Estefanía Z. Ofelia Marcela Trelew Viedma Lucila U. Strangers #23 Celeste Joi Follow the arrow Red Square Daniela B. Celeste Bianca Strangers #24

August 2011
Storm Stereophonics Valentina Night landing Mia Mia Sophia P. R. Conflicted Sophia P. R.

September 2011
Berlin Woods Across the Universe Richard Coleman @ DdD Maitena Ofelia Strangers #25 Victoria Hertel R.E.M. Complementaries Deranged Richard @ Niceto Structures Strangers #26 Alejandra Charly Protection #1

October 2011
Conz Rada Tilly Comodoro Rivadavia San Antonio Oeste Fractals Lonely Moss Protection #2 Rain + Wind Charly Protection #3 Ofelia Estefanía G. Celeste & Flor María Zeta Protection #4 4 Protection #5 Punta del Este Moon & the plane Protection #6 Estefanía Z. Protection #7 Strangers #27 Richard Protection #8 Protection #9 Estefanía Z.

November 2011
Sophia Hooper Estefanía Z. Daniela G. Femmes in mirror are closer than they appear #1 Estefanía G. Drops Under the sun Protection #10 Ofelia Berlin Protection #11 Tate Modern Library Brussels Sugar Tampaxxx @ Podestá Protection #12 Ofelia Apple Store @ Manchester Protection #13 Paris Paula Unísono Sophia P. R. Clouds Tree of life Femmes in mirror are closer than they appear #2 Protection #14 Marcela Strangers #28 Soundcheck @ Gran Rex

December 2011
Mourning fog Rada Tilly Ana Pisa Femmes in mirror are closer than they appear #3 Marcela Eugenia A. Victoria Hertel Victoria Hertel Shadows 2 Estefanía G. San Martín de Los Andes Gustavo & Richard Giselle P. Sophia P. R. Back Manchester Civil Justice Centre Strangers #29 Sophia P. R. San Martín de los Andes Ana Ana Emilia Glasshouse street Piccadilly Circus Sophia P. R. Emilia Jennifer W. Ana Ana 2012
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This website started in 2001, but since 2008 I've been publishing in this area one or more photos (almost) every day.

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