About me

Photographer | Visual artist.
Born in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Based in Buenos Aires, part of the year in Europe and U.S.
Freelance since 2003.

Since 1998 I make photographs, videos and websites for several musicians, artists and companies.
Worked as Web Designer at Eyeworks Cuatro Cabezas making several websites for their TV shows and as 2D/3D animator for their TV show 'CQC' (Caiga Quien Caiga).
Since 1999 I design and manage Gustavo Cerati's official website. Also made photos, video clips and documentaries.
Worked as photographer and video documentalist for Soda Stereo and designed their official website.

Published Work

Magazines, Newspapers & online

Rolling Stone (Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina), Clarín, La Nación, Gente, Crann, D-Mode, Remix, Ben Trovato, Nerve and others.


Soda Stereo, Diario de Gira (Penguin Random House), Acido Surtido (Pump), Flash MX2004 Proyectos Profesionales (Anaya).

Vinyl, CD & DVD

Talks and Exhibits


Latin Grammy


About this website

GERMANSAEZ.COM is online since 2001 and this is the 9th version. All of them were designed by me.


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