June 9, 2023

Day 160 of 365

New York, USA

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Love and Rockets, live, for the first time. They still sound and look amazing. It was a great show and Daniel Ash keeps making magic with his guitar. My souvenir of the show is a vinyl copy of "Sweet F.A." signed by them.

Used just my phone because last week at the same venue with The Sisters of Mercy, after using it for street photography all day, I had to leave my M Monochrom and the Summicron with the security guy. They look at it as a professional concert camera, even with a 35mm lens attached to it. You don't shoot a concert with a 35mm unless you are ON the stage. And certainly, a rangefinder it's not the most comfortable camera for this. Ridiculous. So, this time I only bring my iPhone.