June 1, 2023

Day 152 of 365

New York, USA

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Since I'm in NY, it's pretty hard to choose just one photo that represents the day. Quite the opposite of Buenos Aires. The reality (and local friends) shouts in my face that this is where I should be. That for once and for all, I just have to do it and should stop wasting my life in the wrong place. And for the first time I'm starting to agree. Buenos Aires is all depression, a very few lovable friends and family but a lot of shitty people. This is a year of definitions.

Today I was at the Karl Lagerfeld exhibition at the Met. Unbelievable the level of detail and craftsmanship of those garments. I saw Lagerfeld leaving a hotel at the 56th St. a few years ago followed by some assistants, entering a black car. I didn't even try to take a photo because it wasn't in the context of a fashion show, It would had made me look like a paparazzo and the photo for sure it would had been an absolute crap, so I just left it for my memory.