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January 2012
Estefanía Z. Bea & Daniela B. Sophia P. R. Ana Logarithmic spiral Ana Cruz Panther 01 Everybody needs a place to think Intensity Ana Piccadilly LC-A Strangers #30 Ana Rehearsal Celeste Sophia P. R. St. Basil's Cathedral Moscow Daniela G. Anton Ana Ofe | Outtake Estefanía G. Bianca Bianca Strangers #31 Estefanía Z. London Eye & County Hall El Calafáte Femmes in mirror are closer than they appear #4

February 2012
Soda Stereo, 30 years Fer Joi Ushuaia Parking Flight to London Battersea Power Station London Transport Yoda and mobile Internet Snow in London Infinity Mirrored Room, Yayoi Kusama @ Tate Modern 'Be bright' Strangers #32 Strangers #33 Strangers #34 Victoria G. Only Canon Photographers ;) Strangers #35 Almost the same (outside) Alyona Subbotina Strangers #36 Strangers #37 The owls Venus and the Moon over Hyde Park Victoria G. Marina & The Diamonds St. Vincent Kate & The Melons

March 2012
Milagros Schmoll Hanna Wahmer Natacha Corto Maltese et les secrets de l'Initiation Rainy self portrait Paddington Basin Strangers #38 The tower and the sun Natacha Joanna Koltuniak Westminster Underground Station Waiting Strangers #39 Le virus Strangers #40 Sarcophagus of Ankhnesneferibre Sarcophagus of Ankhnesneferibre II Guess Contrails Victoria G. Strangers #41 Joi Ai Weiwei @ Jeu de Paume Ana Conz Sophia P. R. Breakfast in Paris Natacha Victoria H. Strangers #42 Paris Noir

April 2012
Jump they say Natacha Marcela Limited editions Paddington Control Conz Joan of Arc Protection #15 Wing Soda Stereo Tape Unthread Victoria G. Comodoro Rivadavia Estefanía G. Gatwick Express Kisses on the bottom Magdalena Frackowiak Sunset in Paris Timeline Ofe | Outtake Ice Stroeder John Pawson @ Design Museum Queensway Leakbusters Bracken House Cruz Rehearsal Eugenia A. Moscow

May 2012
Estefanía Z. L.A. Lomography Store Victoria G. Snow Mr. Nick Rhodes Ana Natacha Moon Ushuaia Ushuaia Strangers #43 Gus POV B/W Sunset B/W Moon Victoria H. B/W clouds Strangers #44 Strangers #45 Do Ya Thing Ana Cecilia D. Estefanía Z. Photoshoot Geometry Daniela G. Eugenia A. Natacha Natacha Victoria G. Flight

June 2012
Ana Joi Conz Rada Tilly Route Little Fluffy Clouds Apple Store Carrousel du Louvre Virginia Ana Under Construction 'Walking in my shoes' Natacha Natacha El Calafáte Born to die Sophia Hooper Ushuaia Emilia Moscow Ofe San Martín de Los Andes El Calafáte Mariana Route 3 Danger No 'Drive' 'Lady Ice' Virginia Conz

July 2012
Conz Natacha Charles de Gaulle Yulia Victoria H. Conz Cristina Strangers #46 Ana Muse Bianca Bianca Zürich Sophia P. R. Virginia Bianca Bianca Dream girl 'Be civil, disobey' 'Keep calm and call Batman' Agostina Strangers #47 Magic Mirror Lana out of focus Ana Bianca & Agostina Strangers #48 Strangers #49 Ana Conz Ana

August 2012
Gus, Tweety & Charly Bianca Estefanía Z. Marcela Conz Route #2 Morning in London Bianca Bianca Daniela G. Gustavo Cerati Fernanda Joi Paula Ana Bianca & Agostina Maitena Berlin Ana Celeste Estefanía Z. Lean & Leo The Shard Estefanía Z. 'Skyfall' film set Eugenia A. Ana Flight Church Basílica de la Merced, Santiago Rada Tilly

September 2012
Flight SCL / EZE Bianca Strangers #50 MC Victoria H. Natacha Natacha Conz Teotihuacan Jennifer W. Madryn Bianca Berlin Ana Strangers #51 Can we talk? Strangers #52 Eugenia A. Back James Goldstein Primavera 0 Ofelia | Outtake Daniela G. The Police Berlin The Mask Alejandra & Samantha Ofelia | Outtake Chaos Femmes in mirror are closer than they appear #5

October 2012
Impossible NY NYC T Radio City Reception Room from Hôtel de Tessé Times Square 5th Ave & 42nd St Valentina Not a secret anymore Rain Chrysler Central Park Emilia Bethesda Fountain Manhattan Skyline Sophia P. R. Chinatown Strangers #53 Sunrise Universal Victoria H. Roosevelt Island Kim Matrimony @ Impossible Project Space NYC City clouds Natasha 34th street & 3rd ave Manhattan Island mini 5th ave Manhattan - The Zombie Zone Dark night

November 2012
Bianca Central Park Scarlett Skyfall Natasha Beautiful neck Broadway & Howard St The look 3rd ave & 39th st Katie, limo & taxi 5th ave & 56th st. Strangers #54 JFK Victoria H. 7th ave Meg Meg Ana Conz Strangers #55 Pride Pulp @ Luna Park Bianca Kate Rineke Dijkstra Enterprise Bebe Kimberly Chrysler 3

December 2012
Strangers #56 Bianca Bianca & Agostina Strangers #57 Strangers #58 Ana Estefanía Z. Slow Cadillacs Chiva Paula Bianca Cadillacs Selfportrait in Moscow Valie Export @ MoMA Victoria H. Leo García Meg Sunset in Easter Island Moái So lonely Sunrise in Easter Island Anakena Brooklyn Bridge Revelation Strangers #59 Flight Santiago/Buenos Aires Rano Raraku Little horse Never Hide 2012
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