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January 2009
Sunrise @ Paris Pompidou Snow @ Paris Neverland Place Sartre-Beauvoir Natalia Gustavo @ Mexico DF Gustavo Cerati & Charly García Lucila H. View from my hotel room Eiffel Tower view from Grand Arch El mañana Sign @ Montmartre Natalia & Carla Cristina Big storm In extinction Mariana Liverpool Street Station Piccadilly Circus in 35mm Sofía Me too Survive I think I'm being watched Flying time Ushuaia I Ushuaia II Ushuaia III Ushuaia IV

February 2009
Ushuaia V Ushuaia VI Sofía Ushuaia VII Ushuaia VIII Ushuaia IX Ushuaia X Ushuaia XI Ushuaia XII Ushuaia XIII Ushuaia XIV Mariela & I Ice Rain Flight to El Calafáte Shadow Double exposure Marcela Cristina Daiana Yulia Eugenia A. Jessica M. Marina

March 2009
Paula Natacha Brenda H. Reflex Lucila U. Soundcheck | Richard Coleman & Gustavo Cerati Virginia Cristina & Marcela Nancy Jennifer W. Jennifer W. Cecilia S. Cecilia S. Industrial Jennifer W. Jennifer W. Jennifer W. Limited edition Recording studio Av. 9 de Julio Sofía Jessica M. Jessica M. Radiohead Radiohead Claudia Reflex Jessica M. Jessica M.

April 2009
Gustavo Cerati recording new album Cecilia S. Recording Jennifer W. Nancy Warhol Cecilia S. Tweety Relax Yulia Jennifer W. Leo García, Soda Stereo @ Peru Gustavo Cerati | 1999 Marcela Recording voices Charly Ushuaia Estefanía G. Gustavo Mole @ Sala Lavardén | Backstage 36 Z

May 2009
Conz Eugenia A. Mole + Oasis, River Plate | Charly & Sergio Mole + Oasis, River Plate | Interview This morning Today Lara Brenda A. Brenda A. Cinthia No line on the horizon Aereal view Cinthia Estefanía G. Estefanía G. Estefanía G. Zürich Cristina Marcela Jennifer W. Eugenia A. Estefanía G. Gary Burton @ Buenos Aires | Backstage

June 2009
1 Estefanía G. Berlin Mixing Madryn Dique Ameghino Madryn Paris Gus @ The Roxy | Backstage Tate Modern Violeta Teotihuacán Jessica M. Album finished Sophia Hooper Violeta Eugenia A. Marcela Violeta Brenda H. Jennifer W. Zürich Punta del Este I need some peace of mind II I need some peace of mind III Night Boat

July 2009
Montmartre Violeta Gus Marcela Los 7 Delfines | Outtake The eye Wrong Cecilia A. Valentina Scarlett Sophia Hooper Regina Soundcheck Soda Stereo @ Los Angeles LA Cristina Violeta Z Airport Hotel Insomnia Ghosts in Berlin Estefanía G. Marcela Yulia Watching 'Extras' on DVD Conz & Samantha Route 2 Camden Town Station

August 2009
Soundcheck @ Miami Sophia P. R. Sophia P. R. Giselle P. Brenda A. Mariana 'I can see the music' Conz & Samantha Julieta Díaz Backstage Crying and the moon Giselle S. Brenda A. Galeries Lafayette Sunset in London Sophia P. R. Jennifer W. Estefanía G. Jardin des Tuileries Berlin Marcela Gustavo Cerati & Luis Alberto Spinetta Violeta Estefanía G. 'Horizontes infinitos' Cecilia S. Selfportrait 2007 | CCTV

September 2009
Pompidou Strangers #1 Strangers #2 Shaftesbury Avenue Paris Giselle S. Jessica M. Pieces Daiana Giselle P. Soundcheck @ Caracas Sophia P. R. Rocío City Hall Macro 9 de Julio avenue Noelia | Outtake Cristina Tatiana Space Invaders @ Fopp Records Laura R. Daniela B. Rehearsal Jessica M. Cold & Rainy Eugenia A. Jessica M.

October 2009
Mr. Burns Valentina Valentina Jessica M. Yulia Giselle S. Alem ave Faust Arp Valentina Airport Giselle S. Alejandra & Belén V. Nancy El Calafáte Violeta Charles de Gaulle Red Spaces #1 Strangers #3 Strangers #4 Fer Nalé & Loló Daniela G. Conz Conz Daniela G. Joi Joi Daniela G. Conz Fashion show backstage

November 2009
CQC | QKRCHS Conz Rehearsal Strangers #5 Cruz Cruz Cruz Ofelia Gus | Rehearsal Ofelia Cruz Jessica M. Ofelia Return Conz The reflex Mariana Roads Joi Mariela Daniela G. Potsdamer Platz Montmartre Pilar

December 2009
Selfportrait 2006 Transoceanic flight Cruz The last soundcheck Estefanía G. Conz María Nahuel Huapi Lake Berlin Annabella S. Annabella S. Geometry Valentina Ushuaia XV Annabella S. Valentina Car pass Nora & Lean Eugenia A. Marcela Sofía Fractals Ushuaia Daniela B. Conz Ofelia Samantha & Alejandra Daniela G.
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