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January 2008
Natacha Regent Street Pompidou Air Street Two blondes and a double decker Camden Piccadilly Circus Station Soviet magazines Seven Game of looks Regent Street Music for the masses Lounge People out of focus Control Los Angeles Teotihuacan Yulia Shad Thames Z and Lean Piriápolis Adriana & Luis Belén V. Cristina Yulia Liverpool Street Station Mc Donalds Scarlett and Andrea Crashed Macbook screen Street portrait Way Out

February 2008
Eugenia A. Charles de Gaulle airport Valentina Valentina Waiting for a bus Virginia Bern Airport Selfportrait 2005 Marcela Valentina Virginia Cecilia A. Eugenia A. Marcela Monterrey 9 de Julio Flying Alana & Cecilia M. Brenda H. 16 years of waiting 16 years of waiting London Natalia & Carla Camera Obscura Leaving Paris Cecilia D. Marcela Charly Alberti

March 2008
Holborn Station iPod ad End of year Cristina Editing Punta del Este Prague Scarlett Pacific Wheel Mariana | Outtake Miami Threesome Gustavo Cerati's guitar switcher Interpol in Buenos Aires Marcela Belén V.

May 2008
Zeta CAPIF Natalia & Carla Out of focus Cecilia D. Micaela Jessica M. My sleeping beauty Monterrey Anton Great view Virginia Charly Underground Mariana Cristina Selfportrait 2007 Valentina Belén V. Natalia & Carla Preparatives Natacha Sleeping

June 2008
Soundcheck Mariana Cristina Natalia & Carla Selfportrait 2007 Mariana | Outtake Natacha Brenda H. Practice More backstage The top Hotel room Charles de Gaulle airport Wayne Hussey in Buenos Aires My Bloody Valentine My Bloody Valentine In a taxi Girl Berlin today Victory Column

July 2008
Part of the wall at Potsdamer Platz Fernsehturm (TV Tower) East Side Hotel Bauhaus Tour Bleu Richard Avedon New perspective Air Berlin Air France Muse Muse in Buenos Aires Persepolis Pain Eugenia A. Andrea Cecilia A.

August 2008
Cecilia D. Cristina Alana & Cecilia M Eugenia A. Eugenia A. Soho Love the tube Marcela Eugenia A. Car Wash Flor Mariana Giselle S. Aye & Sofía Virginia Charly Mariana Second last concert

September 2008
Sad evening in Berlin Rainy night in London Mole @ Sala Lavardén Sightseeing in Berlin Trabants Backseat Berlin Potsdamer Platz Roxana Cecilia A. Marina Lucila U. Mariana Going from Zürich to Bern London Eye Catering in Caracas Cecilia D. Sophia Hooper Mariana Mole + Martin Philips at OneDotZero Buenos Aires Conz

October 2008
INXS in Buenos Aires, 1991 Sofía Natacha Eugenia A. Joshua Davis Don't shoot while driving Huge Berlin Selfportrait 2008 Joshua Davis Zeta, Taverna & Gustavo Ghost People Unpublished Scarlett Spam Tongues Los 7 Delfines <em>(Outtake)</em> Galeries Lafayette Opéra Rafaela L7D @ Niceto More Paris 2008 Metro entrance Lunch at La Défense More Berlin Love Love II Anton Flor Soda Stereo's Rehearsal Mole @ OneDotZero

November 2008
Rafi REM @ Buenos Aires Love III The Mars Volta @ Buenos Aires REM @ Buenos Aires II Rafi II Buenos Aires Berlin Long Exposure Duran Duran @ Buenos Aires Cruz Duran Duran @ Buenos Aires II Cruz No trick, just light Cruz Duran Duran @ Buenos Aires Leando Fresco @ OneDotZero Valentina The great Martin Phillips @ OneDotZero Pilar Danielle Conz Belén V. Valentina Special floopy disk Natacha & I Soda Stereo Ad

December 2008
Natacha Rafaela Red Tunnel Yawn Taschen store @ Paris Yamila & Paula Cristina & Marcela Anton Corbijn Belgrano Street ad Old company Inside Eurostar Couple Psychedelic Piccadilly Massive Attack & Dot Allison @ Buenos Aires Mariana | Outtake London Attention point Silhouette Break @ London Blurry Scarlett Los 7 Delfines Natalia & Verónica Sophia Hooper Morning in Paris Gustavo Cerati & Pr3ssi0n Zeta Bosio @ Chile Ad @ Madrid Airport Paris skyline
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