March 2, 2023

Day 061 of 365

Buenos Aires

iPhone 14 Pro Max

In 1995 I made a song for an ex girlfriend. Recorded two versions with my electric guitar on my first PC, running the brand new Windows 95 and Cakewalk as a sequencer with an Ultrasound Max sound card. Programmed drums, bass and keyboards. Recorded it in a cassette with metal tape. Saving money, in 1996 went to a studio to transfer that to a CD (a CD recorder was super expensive to own for a 20 y/o guy), printed the "album cover" with a terrible printer for today's standard (almost ilegible) and send it to her. What sounds funny to me, 27 years later is the name of the song: "Agony". Always SO dramatic. How it sounds? Nothing bad for something made in those conditions. Did we get back together? She cheated her boyfriend with me 12 years later for a couple of years and we still see each other from time to time.